Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A special little release of our movie, Kraftverk 3714!

The original release is since long gone and OOP, and maybe it's for the best because that was a longer version of the movie that's not perfect. And you who owns it now have a little rare dvd in your collection.

Because there's some demand for it we have a special little releases prepared for you. It's the official version, a bit shorter - and way tighter and better than the last version, on dvd-r. We also has worked even more on the sound. 

I love this movie and is very proud of it. It's been all over the world, won some prices and has mostly good reviews to. It's arty, bloody, has big explosions, cryptic dialogue and more arty-farty :)

You can buy it here by the way. This version dosen't have english subtitles, sorry, but if you find the other one you will have a lot of bonuses and subtitles to. 


Jack J said...

I for one look forward to this!

Ninja Dixon said...

You know Jack, times flies. Next year it's five years since the premiere... and I just can't believe it.

You will see it sooner or later Jack, be sure of that :)

Jack J said...

Yeah time flies and I don't like it one bit. I had my 3 minutes of fame recently when I starred as a zombie in an underground film. But actually, what I regard as "recently" was actually also five years ago. I can't believe it!!

Thanks Fred.

Jack J said...

Btw, why no English subs?

Ninja Dixon said...

Jack: The original dvd (with tons and tons of extras) had english subtitles on everything. But now we've reedited the movie... and the subtitles just dosen't work anymore. So we have to make a new one... and it's a helluva job and no time :/

I hope we can issue a good fat new special edition in the future, with, of course: english subtitles :)

Jack J said...

Oh I see. A lack of time then, LOL. I would assume your film would have a bigger audience overseas than in Sweden.

PS: I looked for you on Facebook; imagine the amount of Fred Anderssons there are (with or without the double S). haha.

Saga Torstensson said...

Looks excellent! Got to see it!