Monday, August 24, 2009

Phantom Soldiers (1987

Teddy Page page directed this neglected action-classic, Phantom Soldiers, and it's time it deserves some respect! It's not forgotten among us fans of philippino action, but what about the rest of the humanity out there? Nothing at all! They MUST LEARN!

Max Thayer plays Daniel Custer, a texas...ranger? I have no idea, but he's some kinda police. His brother get's missing in action in... guess where?... Vietnam and Daniel goes there to get him home again. But the big problem is The Phantom Soldiers! It's a bunch of highly trained, sadistic unknown soldiers in black clothes and gasmasks that kills, kills and kills everything they see. And our little brother is their prisoner! Time to act!

Phantom Soldiers is a full fucking-mayhem-filled piece of shot-in-the-face-movie. No, it's not crap, but it's just a simple premise and a lot of violent action. The first scene is legendary! The Phantom Soldiers slaughter a whole village. And it's quite a big village, and... I've never seen so many people get shot at the same time. It's a lot in Born to Fight and the latest Rambo... but this is every standard school massacre in the US times... twenty! Something like that.

And I must confess it's quite well made to! Teddy Page delivers a nice looking movie with amazing action-pieces. The explosions are large, the squibs are plenty and the blood spurts from every hole. It looks kinda expensive sometimes to, so there must have been quite a lot of money spent on the action. Mike Money shows up in one small part and he's... lousy! He's a competent actor, but here he overacts like he had a gun to his crotch! But the rest of the cast works fine.

Nice action for nice people!


Jack J said...

Hey, I'm NOT gonna comment on every post you write, haha. BUT this is one of my favourites. Maybe it's not hugely better than the rest of them but I like the fact that it's almost a Vietnam war HORROR movie with those creepy phantom soldiers. I have this on Japanes vhs. There's a trailer here:

Fred said...

Oh, as long as you read them, dream about my writings, spend some time with my family, give me some money and then clean my apartment. Then it's okey that you don't comment ;)

Jack J said...

Hah. You wish.