Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Blue Jean Monster (1991)

It feels like The Blue Jean Monster is still in the eighties, but it's a movie from 1991! The comedy, very politically incorrect, the violence and the... fashion is very much ´87. Four year makes a big difference, but not here. Fui-On Shing plays a tough cop with a pregnant wife. During a hunt for some bank robbers he get's killed... or maybe just paralyzed... but a cat comes and pee on him and then some lightning starts - and he's back! But dead. Which causes some problems.

He realises that this won't last forever but swear to stay dead-alive until he can see his child getting born, and also catch the robbers who killed him at the same time!

The Blue Jean Monster is more of a comedy than anything else, with lots of crude jokes and sexual allusions. Fui-On Shing, in his only lead, makes a likable hero with loving and tense relationship with his hyper-sensitive wife. He's also the mentor and protector of a young ex-criminal who stays with them sometimes in the apartment. In one scene Fui-On Shing electrocutes himself to stay alive, which sets of a chain of events that makes his wife belives his gay and having a relationship with the criminal! And that of course is the beginning of some very out of date (even then) AIDS-jokes.

But it's not only silly jokes. The action, mostly shooting and chases, are very brutal and bloody. Lot's of gory squibs and beatings. And often some inappropriate slapstick inbetween. Just the way we like it. The basic idea of the movie is obviously inspired by Dead Heat, but after that there's no similarities.

It's not the best movie I've seen, but it's a lot of stupid fun and violence that will do a boring Saturday-morning in Märsta.

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