Saturday, August 1, 2009

Savage Streets (1984)

I won't write so much about Savage Streets, but I'm happy I finally saw it. The double disc-edition from BCI is nowdays quite hard to get, but I found a copy in Stockholm and will treasure it a lot. Can't say I'm a fan of Linda Blair as an actress, but she seems like a helluva nice lady in private. And she has some charisma. Here she's at her best with cool and very "colorful" things to say, tasteless eighties fashion and a cool attiude. 

What makes Savage Streets so much better than any other similar movie from this era, is that it's a good-looking movie! They caught the feeling perfectly and mixes this with nice music, good actors and some really nasty sequences of rape, nudity and violence. I'm sure it's hip to say this is better than the original revenge-movies, but that is of course just stupid to say. It's a cheap and handsome cash-in on the genre and it works fine.

The dvd is fantastic by the way. The print and transfer is so good, so clear and almost looks like new. Some grain of course, but very, very little - and who fuck cares about grain anyway? But it made the movie better than I excepted, and gave me a nice viewing without getting headache from vhs-quality. On the other disc there's a bunch of interviews with Linda Blair and the rest of the cast. Some interesting stuff. Linnea Quigley comes around like a little bit sad and bitter, but maybe it's just my imagination. She's great in the movie anyway. And then we have three commentary tracks to... but I will listen to them some other time.

Ah, a nice flick. Nothing much to say really.

(my dear friend Kit Gavin is quoted on the cover by the way, but under his "new" name, Kit Garvin ;) - a little mistake from the distributor)

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