Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Destroy all Monsters & Godzilla Final Wars

I just love these movies. They have a similar idea: to put as many monsters as possible in the same show. What a great storyline :) 

Destroy all Monsters is one of my favorite G-movies. To long since I saw it!

Who would think that Godzilla Final Wars would be SO good? It's a G-movie, so it's always good... but this is such a cool movie! I also tried to find the opening credits for Final Wars on YouTube, but it's only some fan made opening, because people seem to hate the real opening titles. Which I don't. It's not perfect, but it's a good and atmospheric way to start this fantastic flick!

My first taste of Godzilla was in a Swedish movie lexikon where there was a photo of mr G. I was very young, and lived in Sweden - so of course there was no japanese monster movies to be found. Many, many years later I was at a music festival and some guys where selling vhs tapes... among them, a bunch of Godzilla-movies. I spent my last money on these and the first movie I saw was Terror of MechaGodzilla (which is a masterpiece), then Ebirah monster of the deep (which wasn't the best second movie to see) and after that Destroy all Monsters - which restored my faith in Godzilla and Toho.

And since then I'm stuck.

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Jack J said...

You asked for more (Danish) monster mayhem and you got it: