Monday, August 3, 2009

Robotrix (1991)

Now we're off to Hong Kong again! It's bit a lot of that place right now, and I will try to watching something else next time. We'll see! Here we have Robotrix, a semi-famous Category III-movie that lives up to it's hype. The problem with many of these movies is that people always claiming it to be the gories, sleaziest and funniest movie ever. This is not the gories, sleaziest and funniest movie ever, but no one claimed it to be either. This is just good exploitation that never bores you.

Chikako Aoyama plays Selina, a tough cop that is killed during a bodyguard-mission. Her mind is brought back to life with the help of some advanced japanese robotics and she's on the hunt for her killer. The killer? He's a japanese killer-robot that has kidnapped the son of a sheik and keeps him prisoner in a junkyard. David Wu plays Selinas boyfriend, who's also a cop and together with scientist Dr. Sara (Siu-dan Hui) and her busty robot-assistant Anna (Amy Yip) they tries to capture the über-violent robot!

It was a lot more fun that I thought, and if you don't mind the enormous amount of nudity there's a quite good movie. Not that it's original in any way, but it's well made and the actors has a lot of fun with their characters. The fighting is very traditional and offers nothing new, but it's a lot of fun and some nice stunts going on to. The robot-effects is good and graphic, but never convincing - which I don't anyone expect either. 

There was more blood than I thought it would be. Some nice squibs of course, a funny head-ripping (with the help of a bag!), some impalings and a lot of bloody crush-effects. But main thing was the nudity and sex of course, and Amy Yip has more charisma than other of the pinups of this era. And a sense of humour to. Everything is of course mixed with the traditional Hong Kongnese-slapstick and other kinds of silly comedy. 

It's no RoboCop... more RoboBoobs. So if you like that, go for it!


Jocke Andersson said...

Yes, this will fit perfectly into my dvdcollection! :)

Farang said...

The best thing about this video is the rape scene featuring Dr. Sara ( Siu-dan Hui ) getting the works from head to toe. I have never been able to find another video featuring Siu-dan Hui, so I guess I can say she wnet out with a BANG!

the DVD as a whole is a fun watch that is outrageous to the extreme. Well worth the purchase price unless you get one of the edited copies that excluded the Dr. Sara rape scene.