Thursday, August 13, 2009

A couple of the funniest frames ever put on celluloid!

I won't be with you today, because of some duties in front of the camera and then a meeting regarding clothes for another acting-job. So it will be a busy day.

But I just want to share you four of the funniest frames from a movie I've ever seen.

No disrespect to the makers of War in Space - this great japanese sci-fi, but they made the movie VERY fast and of course they needed a substitute both for Chewbacca and for Darth Vader. So this is what they got (it's shown on a monitor, so I've cropped away the unimportant stuff):

Yes, there's a big guy in a muppet-style Chewbacca-dress - but with horns! He's also holding a BIG axe in one hand and a helpless woman in the other. And then we turn to the "Hell Commander", a guy in roman clothes and painted green in the face.

I know. Some people think it's silly. But I love it. It's not because it's bad or something, just because it's a work of a very fast production and this is what worked best for the moment - for good or bad. 

Okey, the train is waiting for me. Need to dress, comb my beautiful hair and just look fucking good for the camera! ;)


mamoulian said...

Quite hilarious, indeed! Good luck today.

Nick Nicholson said...

Commando Film Making! Gotta love it!

Ninja Dixon said...

Yeah, the respect is with all these people just doing the stuff they love!

Jared said...

I don't even have the words to express such oddness ...