Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been obsessed with finding every movie that George Lazenby made recently. Of course I will never finish that goal, but I will get his best and coolest movies from the seventies. As you noticed, I'm waiting for Stoner and The Man from Hong Kong now, and that's just be beginning! My dream is to get Universal Soldier, the movie he made instead of the next Bond-movie. 

Most importat, Lazenby was  a very good actor. He don't consider himself a good actor, and I knew more than one person that think he's worthless. But I think he's criminally underrated, but as a character-actor and when it comes to action. Who saw her die? could never have been the same movie without his haunted performance, and his brilliant cameo in Peter Bogdanovich Saint Jack is the best thing with that movie.

I have Al Adamsons Freeze Bomb somewhere in the basement to, so I will dig it out and give it a new try after all these years. 

And did I forget to mention that he's fantastic in On Her Majesty's Secret Service? :)


Jocke Andersson said...

I've never thought he was a bad actor... the only crime he's committed is doing a poor imitation of Sean Connery as bond :)

Jack J said...

Does your dream include video releases? You can get the film second hand on There's a handful of sellers who have them for around $10.

Ninja Dixon said...

Well, "dream" was a bit to much :) Sure, tape is okey if it's a good release. I will check it out! Thanks Jack!