Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monsieur Nick Nicholson in action!

I couldn't stop myself from grabbing a few screenshots of Nick in The Siege of Firebase Gloria! He's playing a combat photographer and get in some trouble with a bunch of character actors! ;)

Nick's just trying to give the world some answers with his camera...

Wings Hauser grabs him! "What the fuck man?"

Wings Hauser, Nick Nicholson, R. Lee Ermey and Albert Popwell! Four tough guys. One with a huge beard. Which is even tougher!

Nick have to surrender his "Cambodian Red" to these new kids on the block!

...And get's pulled away by Wings, of the the front to be a soldier!

And ten minutes late Nick's killing for his life! And I think this is the last we see of him in The Siege of Firebase Gloria!


Patrick B said...

Nice. Thanks for the screens.

Anonymous said...

vet inte riktigt var jag ska lämna den här kommentaren, men jag tycker så himla mycket om din nutida blogg och din förra Mother! Oh God, mother! Blog! Blog! Att som en kvinna under 30 och tycka om denna typ av film är inte det lättaste, men du gör det underhållande så tack!

Jack J said...

Jeg ville bestemt ønske at der var flere kvinder (under eller over 30) som syntes om den her type film! ;-)

Ninja Dixon said...

Anonym: Det glädjer mig mycket att du tycker på det sättet :D Hoppas du fortsätter att läsa och kommentera!