Saturday, August 22, 2009

an early morning

I woke up around 05:20 this morning and is not really tired (I'm one of those people that never has a problem waking up early), but a little stressed. I'm early because of an acting job (I'm filming at the Wennergren Center today), and after that I just want to go home to be alone. My partner is going to Poland today, so I won't see him for a week and in these cases I just want to hide and watch trash-movies :)

So I'm not sure when I'll be home today, but hopefully there will be a new x-rental post around 10:00 today, but I'm not sure about reviews... we'll see.

Take care!


Jack J said...

Hey how did the shooting go?

Ninja Dixon said...

Well, it was fun - but the rain destroyed everything. They where suppose to start shooting at 07:00, but started around 11:00 because of the tropical rain ;) I had a "big" scene, as a character, but me and a woman who where suppose to do that scene where degraded to normal extras instead and the scene where cut! But it didn't change my contract, so now I'm a very well payed extra instead ;)

It was a tv-commercial by the way. Big production.