Thursday, August 6, 2009

2012 - A trailer that makes me wanna see this crap ;)

I think this trailer says it all, and it probably also show all the interesting stuff in the movie. If I'm correct this will be like all Emmerich-movies: first a huge disaster and some fun special effects... and then a two hour Zzzzz-fest. But I'm a sucker for disaster-movie, so I will probably pay to see this shit and then pick up the dvd when it's one sale. I'm a fucking moron.


Jocke Andersson said...

Is that an official trailer? Coz if it is, I just gained an awful lot of respect from Devlin and the german. :)

Jocke Andersson said...

Ok, I just watched the real trailer and what a snoozefest. They took the plot from a bunch of old comicbooks and dressed it in overdone sfx.

Ninja Dixon said...

Jocke, it's a pity it's not an official trailer :)

And yes, the movie itself looks like shit!

Bert said...

It looks fantastic, but most, if not all of it, is computer technology. I think it's more fun to do the stunts for real (or reel?)instead of the annimation thing. That's why there's no more work for us. I always wanted to play a Dino in Jurassic Park, hahahaha,

Ninja Dixon said...

Bert, it's an honor to see you here :)

To a degree I agree with you. I LOVE older disaster-movies, check out my big fat review of Earthquake here on the blog: the best disaster movie ever made, and it has some great effects and stunts.

I'm sure 2012 will be shit. But it might be fun to see one time, like when you are really, really, really hungry in the middle of the night and only McShit is open :)