Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Polska Smierc (1995)

"Every country get's the murders it deserves"

A cynical policeman complains that when the US have murders with beautiful women and fast cars, the polish murders are with ordinary women and motorbikes. Polska Smierc, or Polish Death, is a polish tv-drama from 1995. A dark, black and slow story about Osso (and excellent Cezary Pazura) who finally meets the girl (Agnieszka Pilaszewska) of his dreams and get's involved in a serial killer case. There's just one problem: The girl is a cynical mean bitch who only cares about her own business and probably is a serial killer!

It's a bleak and funny look at a depressing polish society where people are so lonely that they stand in line to confess to be the killer. Osso is an expert in death, and studies litterature about how to die in proper way, which get's the police interested quite soon - both as a suspect and an expert. He's also very kind. To kind. He helps all the people in the house, everything from watching the children to wake up the old russian man who hypnotizes himself by mistake every night. The comedy is dry (and so are the murders), but over all it's an excellent and funny production. 

There's a discussion if the people that get's killed maybe deserves what's coming to them. The only thing these people are doing is complaining and whining about life... so soon even the police understands the murder. But when the killer is starting to kill random people around Osso, it's a clear understanding that someone want's him for him- or herself. So though it's a mystery, the ending is cryptic and sudden, and it's fits perfect in a movie about a subject that really dosen't have any answers. 

Of course it's not out on dvd, as usual with good tv-movies. Especially one from Poland. But if you find it some other way, take a chance!

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