Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two revealing screenshots from Bloodline

A couple of days ago I was reviewing Bruce Burgess entertaining pseudoarchaeology-documentary about the bloodline of that Jesus-guy. In this movie he interviews and excavate together with a strange man who's calling himself Ben Hammott, who claims he discovered the tomb of Mary Magdalene. Fair enough. Whatever turns you on.

But then I noticed a small detail. Check this first screenshot:

It's Mary in her tomb, she's wrapped in a templars flag and are lying on a big red marble plate with white stripes in it. To film this they attached a smaller camera to a long stick and inserted it into a small hole in the cave.

The next clip is this when Ben and Bruce is discussing their finding in Ben's kitchen, here's a screenshot:

Do you see it?

Yes, Ben Hammott has the same kind of red marble stone all over his stove. Sure, it could be a coincidence, but for me it's a little bit to... much of a coincidence :) To me it just seems that he got some left over marble from either building the kitchen or the tomb, and decided to save some money.

Watch the movie and judge for yourselves.


Ben Hammott said...

Hi Ninja,

Ben Hammott here.
The house from the screenshot you posted is from the gite we stayed in while in France. It was built in the early 1900's before I was even born.
But good observation anyway.
Many churches in the area have red marble in them, problem quarried locally as there is a quarry near Pontils where they took the red marble from, now abandoned, but there are still large blocks of stone there to see, although to heavy to lift without heavy machinery.

Have you read my book, Lost Tomb of the Knight's Templar, as it has a lot more info than appeared in the film?
Book avalible here:



Ninja Dixon said...

Hi Ben!

Nice to hear from you :)

Yes, my thought was also that this kind of marble could be normal around this area, but I still think it's quite amazing that it's almost the same.

Thank you for explaining, I don't doubt you really, but it's something that I noticed and wanted to bring up. I reviewed Bloodline to here on the blog.

I've visited your homepage and I will buy your book next week. I hope I can have it signed?

Once again, thanks for the comment! I appreciated it!


Ben Hammott said...

No problem at all. I am glad people are still talking about it.
Yes I read your review and thanks for posting it.
I know some of those who were not there on the ground so to speak when the discoveries were made are sceptical, believe my I would be as well if I wasn't there.

The Bloodline film gives the impression the finds were made in quick succession, when in fact they were not. It took a lot of time and effort, and the book will explain this. There are also hundreds of photos as well.
And yes I will gladly sign the book.



Anonymous said...

Haha! I guess if you found a rubber mummy in his attic that looked just like the silly one in the "documentary", you'd quickly hear that it's an "simply a comparative model created in the image of the discovery from the tomb"...