Friday, November 13, 2009

The Protector (1985)

The Protector was Jackie Chans second attempt to be an international movie star. Battle Creek Brawl didn't make any wave and The Protector didn't make a big difference. That dosen't mean it's a bad movie, because it's probably one of my favorite Jackie-movies and part of that is the director, James Glickenhaus, and that Jackie wasn't happy with the final result and brought the movie back to Hong Kong and did some of his own reediting and reshooting. That combination is almost pure magic. Almost.

Jackie plays a New York cop (yeah, I know... totally absurd) who's partner get's killed in a robbery. Somehow Jackie get's involved in the case of The Hong Kong Connection, drugsmuggling between the big apple and Hong Kong. His new partner is played by a chubby Danny Aiello and together they travel to HK to stop the evil mr Ko (or was it Ho?) and his drug empire.

Yes, I'm not sure either what the title refers to, but I guess Jackie is The Protector. Or ? Anyway, here we have a really nice eighties action movie with the best of both world: very bloody Glickenhaus-action and fantastic fighting from Hong Kong. The fighting is actually a bit more laid back than usual, but is quite brutal and has some very nice "oh, that hurts"-moments. Jackie is so young here, and is in top form - nothing you can say about the blob himself, Aiello - but he still kicks chinese ass easy. The action is the best part of the movie, and from the bloody shootout in the beginning to the cool stunt-filled finale in Hong Kong this movie never lets you down - if you're not expecting classic Hong Kong-Jackie.

I don't remember so much from the US version, but something that's gone here is the nudity and sexual references - which felt very out of place in the US version anyway. And I'm very happy that I don't have to see that blowjob-bed that Aiello uses again. Not sure if it's more fighting and action, or edited differently, but maybe. It's good fighting with some nice Hong Kong-style stunts and bloodshed. The squibs is wonderful by the way, big and juicy. Jackie also shows some of his acrobatics while trying to move over a couple of boats. Good stuff.

I have nothing against Danny Aiello but here he's useless.He slows down the action and the chemistry between him and Jackie is more or less zero. The Protector is a very nice action movie for fans of gory eighties action and those who enjoy a good Kung Kung-fight or two.

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