Friday, November 6, 2009

more on sorting movies!

Okey, I've been more and more thinking about sorting them in alphabetic order - but here's a riddle for you all: Midnite Movies. You know, the fantastic series of dvds with two movies on one disc. Not only Midnite Movies of course, there's a lot of other double features. Really, here we have another big problem: it's two movies, and most of them begins with different letters. And here the shit continues! Some of these double features has one american movie and one european movie (especially the cheap ones with lesser quality), which makes it impossible for me to have neither alphabetic order or part of world - not even genre is possible with these nasty dvds!

Another thing: should I start mixing blurays with dvds? They are discs... with movies, and it would feel strange to have another shelf with blurays. But on the other side, it's not the same format and I would never, never, never mix tapes with dvds or blurays. To be honest, all my tapes are down in the basement anyway, so I can't mix them! But I think you all know what I mean.


Andreas said...

To follow up on my answer on your previous post, for the moment all my Midnite Movies discs stand on the UK shelf, since most of them are made there and I wanted to try to keep my MM discs together, even though one of them contains two Corman movies.

And between my HK and my Indonesian movies I've got a small "mixed asian" section with the Eastern Horror Advantage Collection and For Your Height Only/Challenge of the Tiger.

My Lethal Ladies Advantage Collection (Japan, Italy, Philippines and USA) is in a small section of its own, which would grow if I got more mixed boxes/discs.

My Coffin Joe coffin-box is on a mixed media shelf with different irregular-sized stuff.

I think the key to getting any sorting system to work is being flexible, and in problematic situations just follow personal preferences.

Ninja Dixon said...

Andreas, thanks for your input! I feel you are making the right choices. I need to be able to stray from the "perfectness" and make some smaller adjustments to my collection. The most important thing is to be able to find the movies anyway :)