Sunday, November 29, 2009

More homophobic threats

The man calling himself Lage, named after the father of my best friend when I was young, is back. It's interesting how something like this, me being gay I guess, can be so provoking. I'm sure it's either Lage Eckeskog himself, so thought the police anyway, or maybe Harry Thunong - another person from my past. But it really dosen't matter who it is. Nothing he wrote before has been true, that he's living in the same building as me and G or that he would send my adress and name to the local nazis. Just empty words as usual.

I can't say I'm upset, not really surprised either, it's just fact of life: there's idiots everywhere, and here's just another one.

"So I like your new blog... I see you and your polish whore still live together. I guess you pay him a lot so he can fuck you in the ass, right?

I can come and punish you some day, punish you by fucking you in the ass with alt, real hard salt. Think you would like that you sperm bear.

Kind regards yours

/Daddy Lage"


Anonymous said...

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

/Big Daddy

daniel said...

"punish you by fucking you in the ass"
Because that would totally not make you a gay homosexual amirite?

It's staggering that someone can have such a pathetic existence that they get off on persecuting oothers.

Nick Nicholson said...

Jeebus! That is so weird dude! I dare say it is an empty threat though! Keep the blog going Freddie! Don't cave in!