Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thirsty of love, sex and murder (1972)

I was a little upset about something that Bill at Onar Films wrote, but after understand what I meant I felt for watching something from his company. I started to watch Kilinik vs Superman, and I will write something about that one tomorrow. But I also wrote a comment about another great movie from Onar Films, and I'm publishing it here again for you to read. 

Thirsty of love, sex and murder was probably the wildest murder mystery I've seen for a very long time. Except the language, it could have been italian. Filled with a lot of sleaze, some blood, the most chaotic mix of music I've ever heard and actually a lot of good acting. I like giallos, but I like serious realistic giallos, and not those kitchy movies with more style than story. But this was a kitch movie I enjoyed a lot!

What I understand it's more or less a turkish remake of The Turkish Vice Of Mrs. Wardh, a movie I haven't seen, but probably could help me understand the plot of this one.

I was surprised about the amount of nudity, especially because Turkey is a muslim country and is more conservative with these things... (but as Jack once commented, Turky is one of the most relaxed muslim countries out there) but it seems like the seventies was the wildest decade for everyone. Sure, the print was not be best, which is okey for me, but it still had some nice cinematography and (most of the time) tight editing.

The last twenty minutes where so filled with twists and turns that I'm really not sure what happen. But I think I know who the killer was. Or, no... I'm not sure.

Yes, a short recommendation - but something you have to buy!


Jocke Andersson said...

You know, I tried to watch this some time ago, but it was totally incomprehensible to me. :) Someday I will finish it.

Ninja Dixon said...

Wait until you'll see Kilinik vs Superman - there you have something very abstract ;)