Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arrange my movie-collection - in which order?

This is such a big probem. The last years I've been living with my collection in cartons in the basement - and now in cartons in my livingroom. I have no clue where the movies I want to see are. Where I lived before I had some kind of order, but nowdays... I have no idea how to do it. Tonite I will get to shelfs, classic Billy-shelfs from Ikea. So now it's time to clean up the streets and show my collection who's the man!

Jocke prefers alphabetical order. It's a nice thought and it's easy to find the title you want. But do I really want Burial Ground together with Bad Boys 2? Or Transmorphers together with Transformers? It's something with mixing movies that disturbs me. But maybe... maybe. Jocke also pointed out that some movies, if you have several releases, has different titles. So that fucks everything up anyway.

Some people prefer to sort them by lable, but I'm a movie collector, not a lable collector. So that won't work anyway, though it would be nice to have all Mondo Macabro together. Maybe by genre? Could be an idea - until I realise that some movies belongs in different genres. Horror-comedies for example. Should they be in horror or comedy? They can both be scary and funny.

My dream would to have something similar to what I had in Östersund, three different areas: European, American and Asian. And in each part I also sort in genres. The main problem is to keep them in order because often I buy so much movies that it grows everyday. That means I always have to move around the movies so other movies can fit in the shelfs... WHICH means that I will get lazy sooner or later and stop putting them in some special order, and just stack them on top of other movies.

Another thing: shall I put my über-special-limited-boxes together with the "normal" movies and their correct cateogory, or just have them on a special shelf above the TV and players? What about TV-series? Shall I mix them with ordinary movies?

You see, nothing is simple. It's very complicated... very, very complicated. At least for me.


mamoulian said...

I see your problem. Alphabetical by director perhaps...? My films are cramped in a wardrobe that my mother-in-law re-arranged, so that it's now a total mess (instead of just plain and simple disorder ;-)

Jack J said...

I need to buy more book cases. Instead I have piles thru out my apartment. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'm awakende by a tape or dvd that slides down on the floor or a pile that falls over. It's like living with gremlins.

Andreas said...

Mine are sorted by country, and within that more loosely by director/genre. Which means all the Franco films are under Spain, for example, regardless of where they are made. It does mean moving them around once in a while when the collection grows, but it's not much of a problem.

TV-series have their own shelf, as does music, documentaries etc.