Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kilink vs Superman (1967)

Merhaba! There's something special with these turkish, quite naive, adventure-flicks. I can't say we have masterpieces here (except Tarkan vs The Vikings of course), but the charm and happy style of filmmaking really get's to me. In this first Kilink-sequel, directed by Yilmaz Atadeniz, our mastermind of crime is fighting a guy who look like a combination between Batman and Superman. He has tights on and fake muscle under them. Cool. 

A part of the movie is missing (and that part looks cool!), so it's a quite short production, around fifty minutes, and filled with playful action and cartoon-characters doing their stuff. The action is fast paced, as usual in these movies, and with a few seconds of slapstick here and there. Kilink is a an very evil guy, but he always have half naked women around him and they all just love him!

I'm don't want to write about the story. They fight each other. Kilink has a deadly laserbeam or something that he will use to take over the world. He also has a private island where he has a lot of women and other bad guys, and of course an underground laboratory! The Onar release is part of a double bill, and the movie probably look as good as it can do nowdays. It's very scratchy and in bad shape, but watchable and dosen't take away the enjoyment of the movie. 

The style of the movies reminds more and more of those old american serials, or maybe even the wilder silent productions from the beginning of the movie-history. Like those, this is made to entertain and nothing more. I don't know about you out there, but that's my kind of entertainment!

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