Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 1

You all know my obsession with Umberto Lenzi masterpiece Nightmare City. The mutants (some call them zombies, but that is of course wrong) are like family nowdays. There's hundreds of them in the movie, but I've chosen a couple of them - some of the more important and interesting creations - and will present them here on the blog. I'm not sure how many parts this will be, but just keep an eye open until the next part of The Mutants of Nightmare City will be published!

This big-eyed creature is one of the mutants in the infamous TV-show attack. I still don't know if we should thank them of stopping one of the most awful dance routines ever committed to television?

This guy is quick to eat and suck on his victim after his friend has done all the hard work. At least he looks very enthusiastic.

Armed with a dagger and lot's of jokes, this guy down in the basement is always a welcome sight at his friends parties and other social gatherings. He have the honor to always cut the first piece of eye.

And thanks to Pax Romano who wrote the blogpost that inspired me to this journey into Nightmare-land.


Pax Romano said...

Great post! We'll start a trend, just you wait and see!

Ninja Dixon said...

Thanks! And know I've acknowledged your original text as inspiration to my blogpost to :)

Jocke Andersson said...

This one is my favorite:

He looks like a meatball, straight out of the fryingpan. I'm almost getting hungry just by looking at him!

Ninja Dixon said...

Jocke: Yeah, the meatball-mutant is a legend! He will show up here sooner or later :)