Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bloodline (2008)

Bruce Burgess has made a lot of speculative documentaries. He always "forgets" to bring up the critical points of the subject, but at least his stuff is never boring. I've seen Dreamland before, an entertaining piece about Area 51, and now he's investigation the famous bloodline-theory.What's the Bloodline you ask? It's the theory that Mary Magdalene and maybe Jesus himself travelled to France after the crucifiction (he survived or at least they took his dead body to France) to hide there.

It's a cool idea and as an atheist that believes that there wasn't any resurrection from the dead or whatever, it's extra fun! We follow Bruce Burgess from the US, England and France. He interviews researchers and people who claim they are involved in the conspiracy. The last person he meets is Ben Hammott, a man who says he discovered the ancient tomb with the body of Mary! And he has proof and Bruce continues to search together with him. And it get's quite spectaular actually...

This is a very speculative documentary that never fails to bore you. I'm sure the documentary itself isn't a mockmentary (I heard that some people believe that), but if the people in it are telling the truth - that's a whole other discussion. Bruce and his team uncovers a lot of interesting facts and physical proof that there is a hidden grave in this french area, and it's almost like a "real" Indiana Jones-mystery. Or at least Dan Brown-book. But this Ben Hammott... well, I don't know. It's almost TO good to be true. It's really like from a movie, and not from the real world. But they find the tomb, they find relics, they find a body and so on. But anyone could have put this stuff there I guess. At the same time Bruce is getting warned to not investivate further, a person they're gonna interview dies and so on. Maybe it's just a big hoax so Ben Hammott (an anagram of The Tombman by the way) could get some attention?

So, should you see it? Yes, of course. If you're not one of those people with out a sense of humour who can't stand the fact that some people choose to see everything one way. Most people out there seem to believe in something supernatural, so if you believe in that you should be able to buy this. I'm not sure. Like I wrote above, it's to good to be true. A funny detail is that there's something that made me loose faith in Ben Hammott... and I will take a screenshot sooner or later of what it is that I react to. It's nothing, but it's to big of a coincidence for me to let it go.

I'll be back.

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