Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today's shopping - part 2!

Okey, it's been a hard month without movies... so here is what I ordered after my first shopping-spree this morning.

From, an excellent site by the way, I got not more than four thai "kaiju"-movies!

Yuk Wat Jang Pob Jumbo A
Hanuman VS 5 Masked Riders
The Noble War
Hanuman VS 7 Ultraman

All of these are directed by Sompote Sands, which sounds like a filmmaker in my taste. Read more about his work at Wise Kwai and at Die, DAnger, Die, Die, Kill!

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Jack J said...

You also ought to check out his Krai-Thong movies (these are the original ones, not the remakes). The first one even has English subtitles on the VCD.