Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Dead Don't Talk (1970)

From Onar Films comes The Dead Don't Talk, a gothic haunted house story from Turkey. I started to watch it earlier this year, but gave up after ten minutes. But I alway try to give a movie a new try, and this time I made it! The first ten minutes are a bit uneven, and it looks very cheap, but as soon as things are starting to happening it became quite good.

A young couple is coming to an old house, where the owner recently died. The only person there is a tall, weird servant who seem to be in grief about his dead love. The first night a dead guy in a long coat, hat and with a bizarre laugh, stumbles in and kills the couple - which was a bit surprising because I expected they would be the leading couple - and the story starts all over again, a new couple and the dead guys is getting more people to kill!

This is a classic gothic ghost-story, with a living dead guy taking out revenge. Or... I'm not sure, it could be that a demon has taken over his body to or something like that. Anyway, that dosen't matter. It's a movie with a very low budget, but the creative persons behind the production, shows up a lot of style and talent with creating a cool ghost house out of nothing. They work a lot with shadows, mirrors and a lot of stolen music from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Rosemary's Baby! Some stuff is really good, and especially the mirror scenes which creates an eeire confusion in storytelling. 

The actors just act, say their lines, but some of the women do a good job looking scared. The guy playing the zombie is a blast. He's having the time of his life with a loud manical laughter and stuff walk. He have a tendency to open his mouth very much, which looks spooky when he stands outside windows trying to get in. As usual this is no masterpiece, but way better than I expected from the beginning.

And yes, the english title is a bit contradictory, because the dead guy talks a lot!

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