Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today's shopping

A couple of thai-movies from, check their homepage for more info about these movies:

Phom mai yak pen phan
Aowasaan In See Dang
Talum Bon
Tah tian
Meu Peun: Remastered Edition
Phra rod mae ree

All of them, except Unhuman, are vintage thai genre-movies - mostly action and a two monster/sci-fi movies. And only two of them has english subtitles to. But what the f**k, I need them. I think so anyway.

From I also bough Tidal Wave, the big budget South Korean disaster-movie. Looks like good old disaster-fun.

As usual DDDhouse offered some nice movies to:

Village of Eight Gravestones
Beach of the War Gods
Portrait in Crystal

So far today it's only been asian movie, so we'll see what happens during the rest of the day :)

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