Thursday, September 3, 2009

X-rental: Guyana - Crime of the Century (1979)

The masterpiece of René Cardona Jr! I think this movie is fantastic. Both pure exploitation and also a quite realistic version of what happen in Jonestown. The dvd is cut, and I don't what the status is on this swedish release.


Jack J said...

As you know I wrote a wee bit about it a wee while ago (ahh, Scottish English, LOL) and there's what (probably) is a nice looking Italian dvd out. The reg.1 dvds are (according to Amazon users) fairly crappy. Unfortunately, I keep finding conflicting reports on whether it's released uncut on VHS or not. My own tape is the old pre-cert UK tape but I'm afraid it's no longer than the Danish version.

Patrick B said...

You have some cool stuff, Fred!

Been wanting to see this for awhile.