Friday, September 4, 2009

Adrenalin: Fear the Rush (1996)

Read the comments on IMDB and the first you will see is "Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen". I've heard this so many times. I've read it so many times, but nothing could be more wrong. Adrenalin might not be something new, fresh and fantastic, but if you see it the correct way it's a decent little action-movies with some violence, horror and corny dialogue. It's the future, an future that has already been by the way, and eastern europe is in chaos. A mutant has escaped and police officer Delon (Natasha Henstridge) get's involved in the chase. On the way she runs in to tough cop Lemieux (Christopher Lambert) and some other pieces of meat... and the rest is one long chase. Nothing more. Finito.

This probably has the thinnest plot ever. They run, shoot, hide, shoot, run, shoot and hide again. For almost 94 minutes. But there's nothing wrong with that! To the movies defence I must say it's a stylish and dirty movie that manages to drag out an extremly simple storyline to a feature movie. I have no idea how Albert Pyun did that, but someone it never get's boring. I mean, it looks good and the action is intensive and slick. Some blood and gore here and there, but that's never been Pyuns strong side. He likes his steady-cam, he likes his looooong takes and almost to sudden character developments. Lambert over-acts a bit, but I like him so that's just something good. Natasha Henstridge is quite good actually and shouldn't be ashamed of this bread-on-the-table-product. There's also small, pointless performances by Andrew Divoff and Nicholas Guest, who probably just needed some money during this time. 

George Mooradian is the director of cinematography and has shot so many of Pyuns movies that I sometime think's they're the same person. So, if you want to see this movie with new eyes, do one thing: go to (for example) and purchase the excellent R2-release. It's the uncut directors cut (almost twenty minutes longer than the "normal" version) and most important, it has the original ratio, 2.35:1. Pyun and Mooradian uses every part of the screen and such a big difference from the terrible, horrible, awful and fucking ugly fullscreen version on your local tv-channel. 


Anonymous said...

Love to get the uncut directors cut but can not find it--- any help! Also Nicholas Guest and Andrew Divoff are old Pyun friends alway happy to be in a Pyun Film!

See Alberts new film Tales of An Ancient Empire

Anonymous said...

OOPs error on link

Ninja Dixon said...

Anonymous: You can buy the longer directors cut here:

But you must be able to play Region 2 and Pal of course. It's a great release and cheap to :)