Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloodmoon (1997)

I've decided to cut back on reviews because I feel they are taking to much of my time, but when a Gary Daniels-movie has been in my dvd... it's always worth to write a few words. Bloodmoon is worth every word in the world. It's basic story. A serialkiller with a cape and a silly mask is killing of champions, often involving senseless fights and some very bad oneliners. Gary Daniels is an ex-cop that's brought back into action to work with the funny black dude (Chuck Jeffreys). And then they fight people for ninty minutes.

Oh yes. This is fun. When it comes to martial arts-movies from the US the best one's are often the DTV-productions. U.S Seals II, Special Forces, Drive, Cold Harvest etc etc. They build their stories around wild fights and just fuck any deeper meanings. Here we have a movie directed by a chinese and produced by a couple of thai's and one vietnamese - and it's starring the who's who of lowbudget action-cinema. Gary is the best, as usual, and it strikes me everytime that he's a very charming actor - not the best though - with some amazing fighting-skills. 

Here we have tons and tons of crazy fight-scenes, Hong Kong-style stunts and more violence than in a lot of newer action movies. It's lowbudget and the visual feeling is more of a cheap tv-drama. But they've spent all the money on building sets that is literally being ripped to pieces by our heroes and baddies. Yeah yeah, it's silly lousy-written crap, but I'm very impressed by it. The only goal is to show how people kicking each others ass. 

From now on this will be up there together with the productions of Isaac Florentine and... yes, even Jalal Merhi!

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