Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mad Foxes (1982)

Regarding Mad Foxes I could tell you a lot. I could tell you about the worst martial arts-fight ever committed to celluloid. About when the hero get his gun stuck in the jacket and the director dosen't yell "cut!". About how many dicks you will see in this movie. And how much tits. How the swastika-crosses disappears from the nazi-logo everytime the nazis are out in the public. I could mention the fantastic over-acting from leading man José Gras and how he sports a fancy Erik Estrada-haircut. The explicit sex-scenes and that there's a lengthy musical dance-number for all our enjoyment.

But I won't bore you with stuff like that. Instead I let these screenshots speak for themselves. Enjoy.

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Tobias Thuresson said...

A wonderful, wonderful wonderful film. Love this one to death.