Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rovdyr (2008)

The only reason that I'm writing a few words about Rovdyr is that I feel I need some more norwegian movies on the blog. That's the only reason. I love slasher movies, backwood-horrors, movies with The Most Dangerous Game as an inspiration. But this was one generic and uninspired flick which don't offer anything new. I'm not kidding you, there's nothing new. From the classic beginning (taken directly from TCM, and done for the hundred time in hated Camp Slaughter - a swedish slasher a few years ago), to the redneck-killers and the "surprising" ending. Not to mentioned the trendy saturated colors, the extreme gore (which was very nice) and a boring forest as a backdrop.

It could have worked, but here's the problem: personality. The kids are just a bunch of faces, you never get to know them and the dialogues is just words to fill out empty spaces. But I can live with that. Sometimes at least. The BIG problem comes when you're making a horror movie and just ignores to give the monsters/killers/whatever some personality. Even if you don't see them, they should have characters of their own. What we have here is just a gang of dudes with beards. Nothing else. I had problem keeping them apart anyway. And I didn't care when some of them got killed because it was pointless. If you don't know who they are, there's nothing to kill. Just wasted celluloid.

Another negative thing is that it's a movie totally without nationality. Could be a good thing sometimes, but except the language this could be english, french, american, swedish, spanish... yes, even norwegian. There's no way to tell, and it's another proof that it lacks personality. It would be  more interesting if norwegian culture where in the mix somehow. The killers eating kneipp or something ;)

On the plus-side: the directing is competent and it looks good and professional. Not talentless mega-shit like swedish slashers High School Massacre or Blödaren.The actors do a good work with a boring script and the gore is plenty and very graphic. I'm sure director Patrik Syversen will make a better movie next time, and if he makes Rovdyr 2 - I will buy it, because it can't get worse. 

Okey, next review will be my ordinary positive self. I'm sorry. 


Patrick B said...

I hate this movie. It sucks so freakin' hard.

Ninja Dixon said...

And that comes from a real norwegian! :)

mamoulian said...

Quite a tiresome, derivative movie (as so many others, worldwide)... I'd prefer DEAD SNOW before this one, any day, Norwegian or not... ;-)