Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surprise today: Boondock Saints 2!

Okey, everybody probably knows this, but I didn't had a clue that Troy Duffy actually finally made a sequel! I know it's been in development hell for around 200 years, but this came (for me) very sudden. I liked the first movie and this one looks stylish, violent and cool. So I'm in. Bring it on baby!

Fucking YouTube! Or is it blogger who's fucked in the head? ;) If you wanna see the whole trailer, every part of it: just go here and watch it.


lizzardking said...

Absolutely fooking lovely!! Can´t wait for enough for this one!

Jack J said...

There are people out there who keep telling me the first one was worthless and weak and I keep telling them they're fucked in the head. I've watched The Boondock Saints more times than I can count. Can't wait for the sequel!!

kindertrauma said...

YES! awesome, can't wait!-Unk