Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tooth & Nail (2007)

I haven't seen many movies from the After Dark-project, but I'm still claiming that Mulberry Street is a masterpiece. I will also claim that Tooth & Nail is an interesting failure, but really nothing I will ever watch again. They year is somewhere in the close future. The gas is out all over the world and it has created a domino-effect that just fucked our dear society up. A few people is holding up in an abandoned hospital. Their leader is Darwin (Robert Carradine) and he want's to create a new nice society (much like Max Von Sydow in the fantastic The Ultimate Warrior).

One day they find a girl, she and her boyfriend has been attacked by a vicious gang of... cannibals! And soon they've tracked her to the hospital and starts to kill our heroes off, one after one!

I like the idea. It's like a Doomsday without any budget. And action. And charismatic actors. But it's still okey. Most of the story is set in the hospital, and there's very few shots outside this boring building. The directing is competent but maybe to laidback, like the director thought the story was cool enough and didn't bother to do something fun with the visuals. Acting is ok, but it's really only Robert Carradine and Michael Kelly that makes something interesting with their characters. The money seem to have to been spent on two VERY pointless cameos but two uninspired actors: Michael Madsen (he just can't act any more) and Vinnie Jones. The characters is nothing special and could have been played by my grandmother or anyone walking down the street close to the location. God knows who they ended up in this movie!

But it's not without merit. The gore is very nice and graphic and in the end there's some inspiration going on, but little is made of the idea.

I can't really recommend it to anyone, except us suckers that just can't get enough of post-apocalyptic movies.

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