Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For a while I was my old self again...

... and I just hate that.

If I was a Smurf I would have been called The Angry Smurf. I've been trying to push down my aggressions a lot during the last half year, and I've done it quite good I must say. Just trying to breath, walk away from the trouble and fire away some "fuck you" inside of me than from my mouth or fingers. But today I got that fury inside me again. Some idiot at Avmaniacs - which is the best forum in the world - wrote some really unnecessary stuff about me and my opinions about Wicked, Wicked (review up a little bit later here on the blog). So I just disconnected the brain and let the fingers do the work.

I'm quite sure he usually dosen't fuck his mum (or dad), and maybe he's a nice fellow when he's off the drugs. But I felt I just didn't need to put myself to his level - or even below it. So I edited my comment and leaving the thread to die. Of course I removed the review and screenshots to - they can read it on Ninja Dixon instead, where it belongs :)

A lot of reviews are coming up, but I will try to have only one review per day. It's to much work. Of course I could write five-six texts per day, I'm obsessed with writing, but I think that's an overkill. I don't to make my beloved readers tired and my texts even more tired.


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