Saturday, September 12, 2009

So, what did I watch today?

Just one of those lazy saturdays. I'm not a party-guy and my boyfriend is out-of-town (in Poland to be specific), so this is one of the days that I could spend in front of the teve watching everyhing I've planned. I love foreign movies from the seventies that's been filmed in Thailand and I have Shaolin Handlock to watch. Not to mention the Toho Collection. I already watched Battle in Outer Space so H-Man would have been a perfect movie for today. Then we have a couple of Argento-movies I wanted to revisit, Tenebrae and The Card Player is two of them on my table, or maybe get start working on my text about a strange details in almost all of Argentos movies - with screenshots and everything. 

Ah, and then I have Taras Bulba (I'm a big Yul Brynner-fan of course), the new Coffin Joe-movie Embodiment of Evil - José Mojica Marins is genius (seriously!), and around 100 (probably more) unwatched movies laying piles around my tv-set. Not counting all the unwatched movies I still have in cardboard-boxes all over the apartment. 

Yeah, your blogoholic Freddy could have watched all this and more. But what did I do?

I bought and watched all the 21 (twentyone) episodes of the first season of 30 Rock instead! Oh, it's a great show and now I must get all the other seasons. But it's not like me to watch a whole season in one day. Just a break for toilet, food, food, and a walk to the store to by some candy. It takes me years and years to finish a tv-show. One season of course. Is it more it will take me a lifetime. I will dream about the comedy genius of Alec Baldwin tonite.

On the other hand, Don Scardino (actor in Jeff Liebermans Squirm and William Friedkins Cruising) directed a bunch of the episodes. SO indirectly I got some classic cult movies in my brain anyway. Somehow. I don't know.

Äsch. Nu är jag bara trött och orkar inte skriva på engelska. Hej då.


Jack J said...

You watched 30 Rock for something line 10-11 hours straight!!! LOL.

Jack J said...

"line" obviously means "like" (ahm).

Ninja Dixon said...

Jack: That's true, and I've been dreaming so much about 30 Rock tonite! I also slept to 08:50 - which is very long for me, I usually get up around 07:00. So it was fun... but exhausting :)

I guess that if I where single I would spend every free hour like this, so I should be happy I'm not!

Patrick B said...

I watch TV-shows the same way as movies, I keep on watching til' I'm done! That's why I don't watch 4-5 movies a day, because I also watch a whole bunch of shows.