Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's shopping!

I went to town to buy new shoes (I went to Stadium, walked right in and took the cheapest pair of black shoes there was) and then I bought some dvds to:

Der Bader-Meinhof Komplex
- Sure, it's probably a fantastic drama there. But I just want to get that seventies feeling and some squibs.

- Haven't seen it yet, so it's probably time.

- Some overhyped norwegian backwoods-slasher I guess.

The Burrowers
- I bought it mostly because Jocke mentions it everyday at msn. So this is an effective way to keep him quiet ;)

Hell's Heroes
Bridge to Hell
Apocalypse Mercenaries
Warbus II

- A cheap crappy collection that I felt belonged in my collection.

The Last days of Pompeii
- The team from the original King Kong makes a disaster-movie! Count me in!

Choke Canyon
- Fun action that I haven't seen for ages.

- Martial arts with Gary Daniels.

I also got two bootlegs as a gift from my favorite shop:

Un Condé
- French crime.

- Have no idea what this is, but Donald Sutherland is in it. So that makes it interesting. 

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