Thursday, July 23, 2009

Those wonderful bathroom-fights!

I always enjoys a good bathroom-fight! Not myself, but at the movies of course. One favorite that have stayed with me for long is the excellent and violent showdown in True Lies, where Arnold and some dudes are killing each other and more or less destroying the public toilet. Something similar happens in Terminator 3 when the Terminatrix whops Arnolds ass in the bathroom. More destroyed walls, but not as a violent of course.

It's not a bathroom in Showdown in little Tokyo, but they shootout/fight in the japanese bath is great. Van Damme does something similiar in Maximum Risk when he beats some russian mobsters in a sauna - which of course brings us to Eastern Promises and one of the best - and most naked

Two of the best are of course from Hong Kong. In Story of Ricky there's more than one scenes in the showers, and the best one is when Ricky quickly kills a fat guy with just ramming his fist into his belly! But the finest one is the ultra-brutal fight-scene in The Black Sheep Affair, which really hurts a lot watching!

The point with having fights in bathrooms/toilets/showers is of course that it hurts. There's no way to not hurting yourself actually.

If you don't land on some soft and cuddly person of course.


Jack J said...

Ahh, "Story of Ricky"! A personal splatter favourite if I ever saw one!!

Bathroom fights: I quite like the on in "Eastern Promises"; A naked Dane bashing up thugs. :D

Patrick B said...

Story of Ricky was the first I saw of it's kind, well ... after Bad Taste and Braindead. Anyways - The scene in Eastern Promises is very good, a + for the nakedness!