Thursday, July 16, 2009

Delirium - Photos of Gioia (1987)

After watching Delirium - Photos of Gioia there’s a sense of disappointment striking me. Not that this was a bad movie, but it didn’t have that special energy. It felt uninspired for the most, except Lambertos cool ideas with the murders vision – but it could have been done better. Lambertos direction almost felt inhibited...

Serena Grandi was a surprise. I don’t know why, but I didn’t except her to be so good. Not that the role has much to offer for her, but she definitive had charisma and talent not to make the part of Gioia boring. The cast was excellent, and maybe that helped her to make such a good job. David Brandon is a fave, always great and interesting. Can make the dullest part quiet spectacular. Karl Zinny is good as the young pervert and Lino Salemme is always sleazy and bizarre...what a face (only a mother could love!). George Eastman and Daria Nicolodi does their job and does it good. But it not the parts we will remember them for.

It feels like a TV-movie, but isn’t...but I felt that Lamberto deep inside just delivered a movie and got the paycheck – even if he seems quiet fond of it. I prefer You’ll die a midnight, one of the best and most entertaining giallos made during the eighties. Give me a dvd of that one! :)
But to get to a conclusion. I liked it. It was a good and entertaining little flick and is well worth a purchase on dvd.

BUT BEWARE!!!! Shriek Show actually reveales the killer on the back of the dvd with a nice, clean shot with the killer and a big, big knife! Stupid morons!


Patrick B said...

I've heard about the killer beeing releaved on the back of the Shriek Show DVD. How can such a good company make such a stupid mistake? Haha.

Good review and a cool new blog. Thanks for the link :)

Patrick B said...


I haven't seen much from Lamberto. Can't say I really liked it either, but I guess I'll have to see more at some point.

Ninja Dixon said...

Well, I can't say that Lamberto is a master. But there's two movies that I adore:

Blastfighter - one of the best italian action-films of the eighties.

You'll Die at Midnight - probably the most underrated giallo of the eighties.

Patrick B said...

I totally forgot that Lamberto made Blastfigther! I've been wanting to see that for some time now!