Thursday, July 30, 2009

"For the love of Nightmare City - A sensitive poem"

This is something I wrote in january 2002 - I think, because it's the date I found it related to on the internet recently. I'd just seen Nightmare City for the first time on dvd and was of course happy as George Michael in a marijuana-plantation. Now there's better releases out of course, but the Italian Shock-release is still one of my faves.

Actually, this poem was also for a while on their official site - but it's long since gone. I've take the opportunity to change a few words and rhymes here and there, to make it the ultimate Nightmare City-poem. Enjoy.

"For the love of Nightmare city - a sensitive poem"

Oh God, how I love Nightmare City
The cast, the script – so witty!

Watching Hugo Stiglitz sleep through his role
Less inspiration than the sleepiest mole!

Maria Risarua Inaggui beautiful and nude
Hey, Francisco Rabal, what a horny dude!

See how the monsters from the plane leap
(and at the same time watching Hugo sleep)

Waving with axes and sharp nasty knifes
Doing their best, taking bloody spanish lifes!

Action, romance, suspense
Everything makes so much sense!

Bloody action all the way
Monsters killing innocent people everyday!

Mel Ferrer in his suit is standing
Looking worried when the plan is landing

“No panic in this town” he orders with a deep voice
“Kill all the monsters, that´s our only choice”

Hugo tries to warn the innocent people at home
But instead the horrible hell-dancers the TV-screen roam!

Attacking the TV-station with weapons raised!
Half-naked dancer, so many they chased!

Eating throats and heads, asses and tits
While taking non-fatal bullet-hits!

Hugo´s tired eyes are open wide
While TV-technicians besides him died

With only one bored facial expression
Watching the bloody monster session

All this and many things more
I just this movie love and adore

Stelvio created such a great funky score
I just want to listen to it more and more!

And those wonderful pizza-faces
Giuseppe and Franco boldly made, still amazes!

My love for this movie is incredible you all see,
Thank you Umberto, thank's Italian Shock DVD!

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mamoulian said...

Pure poetry, Fred -- Coolness! ;-)