Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My DVD-collection

I couple of months ago I decided to try to catalog all my dvds, so I signed up on DVD Aficinado. It's a good site and easy to use, but the problem is that there isn't so many scandinavian users (or at least not from Sweden), so trying to add swedish releases myself to the database takes a lot of time.

Now I really don't care about the big companies, and is trying to ad titles to Njuta Films and Studio S only - two of the few interesting dvd companies in Sweden. But it takes time.

On my page now is 1800 titles, but I have at least 500 titles more of versions that I just don't care to add, or that I'm doing sooner or later. Earlier releases from the companies above will be up sooner or later, but I concentrate on the all the new releases instead - at least those I own myself.

If you are a user or just want to admire my collection (irony!), please visit my page. Are you a user there yourself, please ad me as a friend if you want to.


Saga Torstensson said...

Wonderful idea! I feel like a kid in the toyshop, browsing all those great titles.

Happy to see that "Crimes of passion" gets a reissue in Sweden. One of my all-time favorites. Wonder if it is more "uncut" that the "uncut" american issue...

Fred said...

Lovely :)

Well, I've seen the new swedish release of Crimes of passion and it's the longer european cut - and I doubt it can be even longer without showing the whole... thing :)

I review will be up in a week or so!