Monday, July 20, 2009

Bought myself a couple of Hong Kong-movies...

When it comes to Hong Kong I'm very much in my childhood when it comes to pure exploitation, horror and non-action. So I decided to get some movies to start with, just after reading a couple of good blogs and researching on the net. One did I buy this weekend on Monkey Beach to... and the rest is on order from DDDhouse.

Human Lanterns
Seeding of a Ghost
Bloody Parrot
Blue Jean Monster
Fatal Vacation

I'm also thinking of ordering Black Magic 1 and 2, The Killer Snakes, We're going to eat you and what ever else people recommend. Corpse Mania and Boxer's Omen seems to be OOP in DDDhouse, so I hope to find them cheap somewhere else.


Jocke Andersson said...

Seeding of a ghost is excellent exploitation, it has it all: Gore, bouncing boobs in slomo. :)

I bought Blue Jean monster two years ago, but its still in that huge pile of unwrapped, unwatched dvds. :)

Ninja Dixon said...

Wow! Then I just can't wait until it arrives! :D

Patrick B said...

You, my friend, are in for some fun! Hell yeah!

Boxer's Omen:

Corpse Mania:

Jack J said...

Thanks for the link and kind words.

Corpse Mania and Boxer's Omen have never been released on DVD in HK. Unfortunately, they were among Celestial's VCD-only releases.

Unless you have a big-ass 80" television set I would recomment getting the VCD release of Boxer's Omen as it carries the correct Cantonese audio track! The reg.1 DVD only has the Mandarin track and the Cantonese just sounds so much better.

There's a bit of English dialogue in it as well which is missing from the Mandarin track (alright it's only one line but still!). Both films are great btw.

My favourite Asian shop after Dddhouse is Yesasia. You can get Boxer's Omen there:

Patrick B said...

I didn't notice the link! Thank you for the link and the kind words :)