Monday, July 27, 2009

Freddy: The Dream Master and The Dream Child

I had a rush of nostaligia today. I'm sorry for that. Yeah, I watched not one, but TWO Elm Street-movies today. My plan was to watch Sweden, Heaven or Hell and write something witty about this great mondo about Sweden... but Freddy Krueger one and now I sit here with an overdose of late eighties fashion. Not to mention the rap song in the end of Dream Child!

But sure, both of these movies aren't bad at all. They are extremly stylish and especially part 4 was much better than I remember it. Renny Harlin did a great job on the look, but maybe less good on the gore. Because it lacks some graphic mayhem - except the brilliant Roach Hotel-scene of course.

Though I'm more of a Jason-fan, the Freddy-movies is still something I rewatch more than any other series. Well, maybe I watch Halloween more... I'm not sure. Though Freddy is more wild and wacko, he's also less brutal than his friends Jason and Michael. I just think humans are more scary than demons, and I know that the other guys are more or less demons nowdays. But they can't come into your dreams, crack jokes and being silly. Thank god for that.

I'm not sure I should, but maybe I will watch the other movies during the week. But now, I shouldn't. There's some swedish thrillers from the fifties and sixties to write about, some new Shaw Brothers-releases from Njuta and of course, the Sweden, Heaven or Hell. Or maybe some new stuff in the mail... ah, fuck it. We'll see.

Now, off to bed and a date with... Freddy!


Magnus Wersen said...

"There's some swedish thrillers from the fifties and sixties to write about"

Arne Mattsson perhaps? :)

Ninja Dixon said...

You can read my mind :)