Saturday, July 18, 2009

Korkusuz (1986)

What the heck is Korkusuz? Well, of course it's Rampage, or know as "Turkish Rambo" among YouTube-visitors and snobby film-aficinados. Dark Maze have done something that everybody's been waiting for, giving this classic a official release! I'm always a bit suspicious against these "cult movies", but for once this really lived up to it's reputation! The story is of course something that's hardly worth telling you about, but Serdar (Serdar Kebabçila) is of course the hero, getting caught, tortured, going on a mission, getting flashbacks and looking a bit confused when it comes to show some emotions in front of the camera. 

It's cheap, sloppy, silly and boasts a very confusing editing. Forget about all the rules you've learned in film school. If Lars Von Trier was a turkish film student with no talent, this would be his masterpiece. Nothing bad about Von Trier, love the guy, but... ah, fuck it. As long as I understand what I'm meaning! But it's not all bad. Believe it or not, it has some GOOD action scenes! Well, at least one! There's a very cool fight between Serdar and his new pal, or he thought it was his friend, and it has some impressive stunt work, round kicks, wrestling-tricks and tons of brutal fistfighting. I just loved every muscular turkish homo-erotic second of it!

Talking about homo-eroticism, that scene where the baddie hoses Serdar down with water is... special. And he's very intensive with shaking that hose back and forth, over and over again... and Serdar seems to enjoy it! Or it could be bad acting to of course.

Okey, back to the DVD itself. Dark Maze didn't go the Mondo Macabro and Onar Films way to release something with stolen music in it. MM and Onar hasn't been sued (not what I've heard of anyway), and I'm sure the copyright owners would have been to upset with this release either. So Dark Maze created a new english track from scratch... and behold: it's really good! The actors is not acting silly (except for some screams here and there) and the dialogue is dead serious. Good. Very good. Thanks for that babys! The picture looks like hell. Like someone took a dump on it, lost in the Amazonas for a couple of years and finally melted it down, made a rubber-dildo of it and then turned it back to a video tape. But this is not a bad thing. It was better than I thought it would be, but still crap, and it didn't take any of the entertainment value away.

So the only thing for you people to do is to go to the Dark Maze website and order it. NOW!

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