Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seeding of a Ghost (1983)

Hej och hå i lingonskogen! This was the craziest, weirdest and... strangest Hong Kong movie I've seen! I thought Devil Fetus was freaked out, but this... Seeding of a Ghost is one of the few movies that lives up to all the rumours and hype! I'm very happy I finally saw it!

The start isn't anything out of the ordinary. Just an standard category III-flick with lots of nudity (I guess the slow-mo scene is popular among the straight guys out there... I found it more funny), some more nudity, and a little bit more nudity. This mixed with some brutal violence... but then shit hits the fan! The wife of our "hero" (with the same haircut - or wig - as Arnold in Commando), the taxi driver, dies and he takes revenge with the help of some black magic!

I guess the slow first forty minutes of the movie is part of the filmmakers plan, because the rest of the movies is so bizarre and weird because of the sudden change in style. There's some nice fighting by the way, which I think many people tend to forget. It's not much, but it hurts and it's a lot of fun. But the gore and the ghost-effects are of course the best thing. The main character in the second half is the dead body of the wife. She's rotten and possessed and fucks one of her victims spirit! It's a beautiful and cool scene, part animation, part animatronics. Has to be seen to be believed. Well well. She rip the backbone out of a guy, let's a woman almost rape her husband in the ass with a HUGE matchstick (I guess she hits the right spot, because he screams a lot!), makes people eat brain and vomit worms!

A cool scene is a high fall from a building, where we follow the guy down all the way. Something that has been done later, in more famous movies, but this much cooler because it's a topless possessed chick doing the crime! And the final... Wow. This is what I really like. It suddently turns to a The Thing-style monster-movie with some healthy doses of gore, limb-ripping and a primitive, but cool monster.

Ah, shit! I shouldn't tell you about this stuff, because the best way is to see it yourself. Anyway, I fell in love with this movie and it's such a fantastic mix of genres that it actually get's quite unique. I don't think I have to mention it's a gorgeous show to, which isn't a surprise because it's Shaw Brothers-production. The effects are really well made, though you can see some wires and crappy make up-effects from time to time.

I can't write anything bad about this freakshow of a movie. It's just one of those legendary movies that you have to see and own. Hmm, if there's something negative, it's the very abrupt ending. I guess everything falls in to place, but it's very sudden.

Ah, helluvamuthafucking movie anyway.

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