Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spent some money on dvds...

I've made some orders since friday and this is what I'm expecting sooner or later:

Der Commander
- One of the few Margheriti-movies I haven't seen from the eighties.

Killing Hour
- Some mystery-thriller from the eighties that have so-so reviews.

The Adventurers
- Lewis Gilberts ultra-expensive drama-soap-action. Big flop and cut down a lot, but I've ordered the three hour original version.

My Bloody Valentine 3D
- Yeah, I like it.

The Light At The Edge Of The World
- I have it downloaded since earlier, but found it on PlayTrade. Great, great movie.

Psycho - Triple Feature (Psycho II / Psycho III / Psycho IV - The Beginning)
- I love the two first sequels, especially part 2 who is a masterpiece. Part 3 is a slezy and gory movie and part four I haven't seen. These are all in widescreen.

I'm also waiting for Jun Fukudas War in Space and a bunch of movies from Hong Kong.


Jocke Andersson said...

Hmmm... The light at the edge of the world... I should get that too....

Ninja Dixon said...

It's more copies on playtrade for around 10 euro! So go and get it! :)

lizzardking said...

The Region 2 version is cut so you know,

R2 United Kingdom- Cinema Club - Cut (122:40 mins - PAL) - 35s of BBFC-imposed cuts to a horsefall (original BBFC cuts waived)

Had planned to buy it myself but will wait for now...

Ninja Dixon said...

Of course I know :) And I prefer the version without the horsefall. The print is excellent by the way, the same version I downloaded once.