Sunday, July 19, 2009

The best car chase ever filmed!

I never get tired of Blazing Magnum, and it's a pity it's still not out on a proper dvd. I just dosen't count that lousy public domain-release in the US. It's a smart, violent and cool giallo/cop-movie with Stuart Whitman in one his best performances.

This also brings me to one of this worlds biggest mysteries: why Alberto De Martino have such a bad rep? He did some stinkers, like everyone else, but most of what I've seen directed by this man is of very high class. 

In this scene he's actually chases someone called "The Swede" (or something that's related to Sweden) and it's first of all a fantastic showcase for stunt coordinator Remy Julienne and his team of experts. 


Jack J said...

Hey Mr. Dixon,

This commentary has really got nothing to do with your post, haha, but I thought I'd just give you a hint; You like peplum and Italian films but have you ever heard of the old Danish fanzine "Obskuriøst"? Well, it came out a few years back and quite a bit of the coverage was on peplum, etc. And quite a bit of it was written in English. I don't have anything to do with this mag (other than a couple of reviews for it many years back) but recently I learnt that the issues that are sold out can now be downloaded for free. I'm sure you'd find some interesting stuff. Among other things there's an incisive feature on Kirk Morris!

Go here:

Ninja Dixon said...

Wow! Thank's for the link! This was good news, and Kirk Morris was among the best!

Jack J said...

You're welcome.