Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yeah, I will be rich! ;)

Sorry, it was just such a long time since I got a Nigeria-letter ;) This time they just dosen't tell me the amount directly in the email, so I don't know how rich I could have been if this was real.

This reminds me of District 9 where they have Nigerian Cat Food Scams to fool the aliens. Great little joke.

Engr.Anah Patricks

Power Holding Company Of Nigeria {PHCN}
Lagos, Nigeria.
Private Email:-
Attn The President/Ceo,
I am an account officer with the Power Holding Company Of Nigeria{PHCN}.My name is Engr.Anah Patricks.
This contact is being made with you for a serious purpose bordering on financial transaction arising from executed over inflated contract awarded to an expertriate company by the immediate past democratic regime in 2005 for upgrading of ageing thermal stations.
Therefore,my intention in reaching out to you through this medium is to seek for your assistance/cooperation in getting the over invoiced part of the total contract fund transferred into your bank accout for for our mutual benefit.I already have every arrangement relating to this transaction diligiently worked hence you can be rest assured of 101 risk/hitch free transaction
I'm oblige to giving you more details upon receipt of your favourable reply only on my private email above indicated bellow.( ) While thanking in advance for your anticipated of your favorable response to this proposition,
I remain,
Yours sincerely,
Engr.Anah Patricks
Private Email:-

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