Friday, October 2, 2009

What? Me, not effective?

Yes, I've been very restless the last week or so. I've hardly watched one single movie since last week, and it's been a fight watching one. Even good ones. Or silly ones. Or bloody ones. I hoped that my bluray would give me some more energy to watch movies, but no... maybe the opposit instead.

Instead I've only managed to watch episodes of Millennium. It's easy. They are dark, grim and only 45 minutes long each. And have Lance Henriksen non-stop. It's just to complicated to concentrate on 90 (or more) minutes of story. Maybe I need to rest from movies? But how? I don't have the energy to read, and I don't play games. Nothing left to do. Maybe talk a walk or play with the cat? No, I'm leaving that for the golden years.

Maybe I should watch more documentaries? Not Quite Hollywood went down really easy, and Dreamland, a highly entertaining documentary about Area 51, was fun to. Maybe "real" life in the movies can get me back in the movie watching-business?


Patrick B said...

Everyone needs a break from movies every now and then. Sometimes you might think; ''What is the point with all of this?'' - ''What am I getting out of this?'' and other times it can just get too much. About 7-8 months ago I had to stop completely for 1-2 weeks. I felt depressed and out of touch with the world around. Not that I'm not a social person, the reason why my blog sometimes isn't updated in a week or two is because I also have other things to do. Blogging and movie watching sometimes feel like a job, and when you don't get paid for doing that job, you tend to slack. Back to the depression - I couldn't handle all the violence and all the depraved human beings. I know it's not real, but I get into the movies! That's why I love movies. My sister for instance, says to me, when I try to suggest a movie for her, ''I don't want to watch that, it will probably make me cry''. That pisses me off! The best movies give you does emotions! I'm ranting now!

Last month I saw 6 movies, the whole month! Today I've seen 5 movies, so far! So it's up and down sometimes.

Sometimes it feels good to give it a rest. So just relax for a few days :)

Jack J said...

"Fra børn og FULDE folk skal man høre sandheden". ;o)

Anonymous said...

Tv-series is an excellent alternative to movies! There's loads of good ones.