Monday, October 12, 2009

My one and only experience with a thai ghost!

First of all, I'm an atheist and don't believe in god, ghosts or aliens. Nothing. But I'm very interested in it. This is something I've written about before, and the text here is lifted from the avmaniacs-forum.

"I once experienced something interesting in Khanom, Thailand, during bike-trip through the night with my ex. There's no lights out on these country roads, so me and him had to drive very carefully. We had one weak flashlight and he was pointing it at me so cars and other vehicles on the road could see us in time. My ex was a very religious person, and claimed to work both with white and black magic. Raised in the jungle and very close to the nature, but I will never know if he told me the truth. At one point we came in to a long stretch of jungle on both side of us...

He was on his bicycle in front of me and I was trying to keep up with him. Suddenly I hear a baby cry out loud. In the middle of the jungle. I froze. The baby's scream was getting louder and it almost felt unreal, that someone... or something...was imitating a baby. I called to my ex in front of me, who's been quite and didn't say anything about this, and asked him what was going on.

"Quiet! Just go faster." Was his only reply. He didn't even look around. Just said it cold. We started to go faster and faster and 10-15 minutes later we finally reached a village. There was a funeral ceremony in the village and we could hear monks chanting over the small town. He stopped and turned around. He was white in the face and I asked him what was going on. According to him there was a special ghost that imitates children to lure people out in the jungle and kills them or eat them. He was afraid that this "being" was following us, but felt that we was quite safe in the city, especially close to the monks.

It's hard to describe actually. But it's the weirdest thing that ever happen to me. And scariest. I knew he had some (that was an understatement I can say) darkness in him and he told me some other stories that he experienced, that could be lifted directly from an asian ghost-movie. Or more from an indonesian one, because everything was so fucking extreme..."

Somehow I feel it's even better to have experienced something like this far, far away from Sweden. In such an exotic location to! :)

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