Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today's shopping!

I couldn't help myself today, because I was meeting a friend in town and it usually means that I spend money on movies. Today I spent 500 kronor on these movies:

The Trip
- Great movie, and another proof of Cormans genius!

Watchmen 2 disc special edition (bluray)
- It costed 79 kr. And I think the movie is brilliant.

The Andromeda Strain
- The mini-series. Jocke liked it, so I guess I will appreciate it to :)

Inju - The Geisha Killer
- By Barbet Schroeder and sounded interesting.

- Ok, it costed 25 kr! It must be good for that amount of money ;)

The Midnight Meat Train
- I must in the collection!

Long Weekend
- An aussie-classic that I haven't seen yet.

Death Ship
- The nice UK-release.

Road Games
- Another aussie-movie, this time with Jamie Lee Curtis and Stacy Keach.


Den Lekande Människan said...

Where did you shop?

Ninja Dixon said...

Filmkedjan at Odenplan has 4 dvds for 99:-, and cheap blurays (x-rentals) to. The more obscure stuff I bought close by, at my favorite place: Monkey Beach :)

Skepparkrans said...

The Swedish version of outlander have to be one of the crappiest dvds ever to be released.. soundise anyway. The suround is so screwed up that i had to turn the center all the way up and lover rest of the speakers to get some kind of natural sound.. I bought it cheap to but sad to say it was not worth a penny.