Monday, October 26, 2009

Another poster, this onewith a "Flying head with intestines dangling underneath"!

Yes, after drooooooling over all the great artwork at Patricks blog, I decided to get one poster myself. So this piece of art will soon hang on one of my walls! I hate Ebay already. After all these years ;)


Patrick B said...

Congrats. That's a nice piece. Haven't seen the movie, but I've heard of it.

Ninja Dixon said...

Thanks... but it's mostly because I can't buy movies that I buy all these posters :)

mamoulian said...

Happy "Phii Krasue", Fred! ;-)

Jack J said...

Congrats! That film is "Krasue Grahailuead" (Thailand, 1995, dir: Sang-Tawan).

Ninja Dixon said...

Thanks Jack! Of course you knew the movie, as the expert here :) I have to check it out!

I thought it was an older movie though :/

Jack J said...

LOL, thanks. You can check out the Flying Head movies here:

(that thread also has this movie in it)

- and everything older than 10 years is considered old in Thailand so it is and "old" movie.