Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ruggero Deodato to Stockholm!

Seriously, I must be the last person in the world not knowing about that Ruggero Deodato will visit Stockholm in 5-6 december! I was already happy with Doug Bradley and Michael Ironside, but Ruggero must be the best guest so far. It's at the Sci Fi Convention, a place where you have to use violence to aviod Star Wars- and Star Trek-nerds.


Patrick B said...

Fuck you, Fred!

I have an X-rated kult release signed by Deodato. But someone got it for me. I never met him.

Damn. That's freakin' awesome.

I may have to take the trip to sweden now!!

Ninja Dixon said...

Patrick: Fuck you to! ;)

Well, I was very surprised! It's usually only Star Wars-actors and people like that on this convention. So it will be great!

And I will answer your mail by the way, I just didn't have time yet to answer - because I have some questions about the project :)

Patrick B said...

I forgot to mention which movie it was. It was Cannibal Holocaust.

That's good. I was afraid that I had offended you or something. Hehe.

Fredrik said...

Cool... I can only hope that Michael Ironside will visit the Gothenburg edition of the convention in March as well, I'd really like to get something signed by him.